1. Chairman

Franz Deutsch studied the piano with Sylvia Hewig Tröscher and the flute with Gedeon Trier at the Leopold Mozart Conservatory in Augsburg. After graduating, he moved to Munich to complete his postgraduate studies in jazz and improvisation with Jo Haider, piano didactics with Hildegard Müller Besemann, and also the flute with Prof. Schochow.

During a longer stay in Asia, he also traveled to Bali, where he first encountered the pentatonic gamelan music. He lives as a music educationalist for the piano and the flute in Icking. In both instruments, his students have won numerous prizes in the competition Jugend Musiziert at regional, federal and national level.

Since 1994, Deutsch regularly organizes concerts for his students, where ambitious students of other teachers also perform. In the last 20 years, several of his students performed piano concertos accompanied by an orchestra. This, next to other factors, triggered the foundation of the Musikwerkstatt Jugend e.V., which offers young musicians the opportunity to gather experience by playing in one of three orchestras.

In 2007, he was appointed first chairman of the Musikwerkstatt Jugend e.V. and has since been very passionate about his work. Additionally, he is one of the judges at “Young Stars in Fürstenfeld” in Fürstenfeldbruck.