The Association and its aims

The Neue Philharmonie München is part of the Musikwerkstatt Jugend e.V.
The Musikwerkstatt Jugend e.V. is a non-profit association, which has set itself the goal of supporting young musical talents, knowing that music encourages the entire human development in a unique way. The Musikwerkstatt Jugend offers a broad concept to support all young musicians, and allows orchestra work at various Levels through the Kinderorchester Isartal, the Sinfonietta Isartal and the Neue Philharmonie München.

The basic idea is the broad-ranged assistance of musicians starting from childhood, which expands with the development of the musicians’ skills to the promotion of special talents. Next to professionally supervised orchestra work, there are also individual activities such as master classes. Renowned musicians and ensembles also make chamber music possible.
In working with the children and adolescents, music is opened up to them in its intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimension. By keeping a sensitive balance between high quality standards on the one hand and playing music for fun on the other, music becomes a thrilling experience.

Musikwerkstatt Jugend e.V.
Spatzenloh 10
82057 Icking

Phone: +49 8178 – 90 018
Fax: +49 8178 – 90 89 188

Registration court: Amtsgericht München-Registergericht
Registration number: VR 100864


Franz Deutsch, first chairman
Angela Zahn, Organisation / Sponsoring Advisor
Sabine Weinert- Spieß, SPIESZDESIGN
Simon Edelmann, Orchestra Representative 
Steffen Kühnel



Prof. Alfredo Perl, Musikhochschule Detmold
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Sadlo†, Hochschule für Musik München & Universität Mozarteum Salzburg
Dr. Adalbert Hohenester, Rechtsanwalt / Sponsorenbetreuung
Johannes Zahn


With an annual contribution of 30€, you can become a member of the Musikwerkstatt Jugend Association and in this way support our projects: Download the membership terms.


The work of the Musikwerkstatt Jugend e.V. is based on the voluntary commitment of many members, who contribute their respective expertise. We are always grateful for further help with the organising of concerts, the supervision of this website, public relations etc.